Our company regularly purchases recycled PET bottles, polyethylene raw materials and polymers (bottles of household chemicals). Secondary materials should be sorted by color, pressed into bales, bales should not contain other types of polymers, as well as garbage, cardboard, textiles. Price goods contractual, determined based on its actual quality and contamination.

Recycling of waste is not only an opportunity to improve the environment, but also a profitable business line.
PET bottle
One plastic bottle in nature decomposes about 300 years, and a recycled PET bottle, even one, saves hectares of plantings.
The only correct decision in the matter of their disposal is to collect and deliver for recycling.
All products received for recycling must be sorted by color.

Polyethylene is the cheapest polymer, which combines the most valuable properties and the ability to be processed by all high-performance methods that exist for thermoplastics.
There are several types of polyethylene — these are completely different materials.
LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) is an elastic soft material, it has a low resistance to rupture and high plasticity, as well as high melt flow. LDPE due to its properties is widely used in various industries and in everyday life. Such polyethylene is used for the manufacture of products in electrical engineering, chemical and food production, automotive, construction. Pipes, tanks, low density polyethylene containers are unsurpassed in strength and are recommended for use in the utilities system.
HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is a rigid material with a matte surface that is stronger than LDPE. HDPE resistant to high temperatures, various oils and chemicals. High density polyethylene, in contrast to LDPE, has a higher brittleness and softening temperature, but is not suitable for hot-filling containers. High density polyethylene is used in mechanical engineering, for finishing electroplating baths and ventilation shafts, for manufacturing road barriers and playgrounds, in the production of canisters, tanks for solvents, garbage containers.


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