PJSC “Cherkassyvtorresursy” works at the market more than 50 years ago.
An enterprise is located in Cherkassy (Ukraine), Gogolya Str., 421,
– the processing-purveying enterprise is in Surikov Str., 20.

Today more than 100 persons work on this enterprise.

PJSC “Cherkassyvtorresursy” is a member of Ukrainian Production-Ecological Association “Ukrvtorma”.

PJSC “Cherkassyvtorresursy”is the specialized enterprise, the main activities are a purveyance and recycling all kinds of polymeric raw materials.
Final product which our enterprise produces – PET flakes (group A), secondary Plastic Pellets (LDPE/HDPE).
We can also produce shrink wrapping films for water and alcoholic products, sheet and sleeve in width to 1000 mm.
We can offer: pelletized plastic boxes (LDPE, PP), crushed PP labels.

We also buy polymeric raw materials.

Welcome all enterprises deal with purveying of polymeric raw materials and using shrink films, sleeve film and PET flakes. Please contact us to cooperate.